Health Sciences

Learn to Be Part of a Team

Being a health practitioner today requires you to be an effective member of a team. The small university feel of the WSU campus in Spokane is ideal for breaking down barriers between the health sciences disciplines. You’ll see future physicians working at campus health fairs alongside future nurses, pharmacists, dieticians, speech pathologists, exercise specialists and others. As a student at WSU Health Sciences you will learn how your field fits in with what others do, as you prepare for success in your career.

Based in the University District in downtown Spokane, the WSU campus is shared with health sciences students attending University of Washington and Eastern Washington University classes, so you also may meet students studying to become dentists, dental hygienists, physician assistants, physical therapists or occupational therapists.

If your interest lies in research rather than practice, WSU is a major research university with scientists engaged in meaningful health sciences research in Spokane as well as Pullman. You could work closely with researchers in genetics, cancer, kidney disease, diabetes, drug addictions, neuropharmacology, fatigue and sleep, exercise physiology and many others.











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